Monday, February 22, 2016

West Regional Library update - February 2016

The new library will be on six acres of property located at the intersection of Old Spanish Trail and the planned Apollo Road extension in the City of Scott. The property acquisition was finalized in January 2016.

The Building Program (a document that details what spaces and equipment will be in the new library) was approved by the Library Board on February 15, 2016 and is being turned over to the Architects, Architects Southwest, who will soon begin Schematic Design.  The Building Program is available here.

The new library is expected to be about 17,000 square feet, have a variety of meeting and study spaces, storytime room, collections for adults, teens and children, offer more public access computers, fax machine, copy machine, and wi-fi.   The library will be open 7 days a week, including evening hours.

The design and construction timeline is being developed by the Architect.  Following construction and building acceptance, the Library will spend several months moving in new furniture, shelving, computers, and collection. Currently, we anticipate opening in 2018-2019.  This will be refined during the design process, and again after construction gets underway.

The West Regional Library will serve the Western part of Lafayette Parish, including the City of Scott.  Once the regional library is open, the smaller Scott Branch Library (located nearby) will close.

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